Sunday 23 July 2017


Please Note:
For any future long distance outings we will be making an earlier start of 9.00 am from the lay-by opposite M&S Aberystwyth.    

As follows:

  1. Black Country Living Museum, Dudley 17th August, 
  2. Witley Court and Gardens, Worcestershire, 31st August
  3. Big Pit, Blaenavon 21st September
  4. Iron Bridge, 12th October
  5. Cadbury World, 16th November

There was some discussion on the way to St Fagans on best, most favourable route and whether we should stop for a sit down coffee break rather than just a comfort break there and back.  
  1. The  best route on the day is decided by the driver and members of the committee who have organised the trip.  So, please be assured we do our best to make the journey the best experience possible under the circumstances.  For your information Twitter is a good place to find up to date news on road works, accidents, and general traffic congestion.
  2. The long distance outings are all about the same in miles, obviously the coach will take longer than a car, so we factor in extra time for this.  We have worked out an average of 2½ to 3 hours for each trip, to include a comfort break, which usually takes about 15 minutes.  If we stop for a sit down coffee break, firstly that will mean the coach having to find a cafe that welcomes us, so that will take us off route, and also add an extra 2 hours at least to the round trip.  Suzanne and I spent a couple of hours together on Saturday trying to work out what to do for the best and realised that with the best will in the world we just can't keep everyone happy.  So, as there were only a couple of people who requested the coffee break en route, we have decided to stick with the 15 minute, stretch the legs, quick comfort break which we have half way there and back, and this will only add an extra 30 minutes at most to the journey time.  For anyone who really does need a coffee half way maybe it would be a good idea to bring a flask or pop into Tesco or M&S cafe for a takeaway.
Looking forward to our next outing, please order good weather again!  Thanks :-)


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