Friday 29 April 2022


There was a bit of buzz going on this morning in the footy club with AFG members feeling ready to get out and about again.  Our first trip will be on Friday 13th May to Aberaeron.  There is no meeting on this day as the Football Club will be closed.

Aberaeron is easy to get to either by car or bus.  There is no specific timetable but Margaret and I agreed it would be a good idea to meet up at around 11 o’clock in Ambassadors Upstairs Café which is situated in Alban Square, opposite the bus stop.  Look forward to see you.  Ash xx


Here are details of the buses:


T5 TrawsCymru

Aberystwyth by the Job Centre:     08:10     09:10   10:10     11:10

Aberaeron Alban Square:              12:13 14:13 15:13 16:13 17:13 18:13

T1 Trawscymru

Aberystwyth by the Job Centre:    08:40   09:40     10:40     11:40    

Aberaeron, Alban Square:              12:47  14:47     15:47     16:47     17:47

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